Author(s): Nivedita A. Lall

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Address: Dr. Nivedita A. Lall
Govt. K.D.M. College, Rajnandgaon (C.G)
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Published In:   Volume - 3,      Issue - 1,     Year - 2015

Man is a social animal. Everybody wants love, affection and recognition. Progress of the society and nation depends on the educational progress of the children. In a responsive society children face many educational and psychological problems due to the life style of their parents. Parents have to perform so many roles altogether. On one hand where they have to pursue their career, on the other they have to face a lot of challenges regarding family, society and the nation. With the passage of time, their needs have increased but sources are limit. In this situation, both husband and wife want to earn money for better living. In responsive society man and woman are equal. Both of them want to contribute to family, society and nation. For this, woman leaves the four walls of her home and ventures out to build a career of her own. An educated and bright woman does not want to waste her talents in domestic work and child rearing activities alone. Instead, she utilizes her talents to compare with men by pursuing high commitment careers in that areas which were earlier dominated by men. Since the ancient age, our Indian society is diased and contradictory regarding the status of women. On one side she is expected to marry, have children and bring up them retaining traditional feminity but on the other side. She is expected to pursue a career too. Such incongruous demands compel a women to a super woman who is a competent professional as well as an excellent wife and mother.

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Nivedita A. Lall. A Study of Educational Problem of Children of Employed Parents in Slums. Int. J. Ad. Social Sciences 3(1): Jan. –Mar., 2015; Page 47-49.

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Author(s): Nivedita A. Lall

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