Author(s): Debashree Chakraborty


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Address: Mrs. Debashree Chakraborty
Ph. D. Research Scholar, WBNUJS, Kolkata
*Corresponding Author

Published In:   Volume - 3,      Issue - 1,     Year - 2015

Research means repeated search for something, to find out some different new things or something special knowledge in the existing facts. Legal research is any systematic study for that specific methodology which should be carried out. Method is the way of doing something and Methodology is the science of a particular subject. There are different methods of research that may be applicable in legal research. Usually legal research is divided into doctrine and non –doctrinal research. Where in Empirical research, researcher tries to collect knowledge or information from first hand study or primary data related to his particular matter or topic and after analysis and interpretation of those information he draws out the conclusion of that research work. Empirical research is more concerned with social values and people. Law is an integral part of the social process. It aims to organizing society in a systematic and peaceful or orderly manner. So, the tool of research will have to be altered to cope up with the present problems, or come up with various measures to root-out the different social evils. And, thus, empirical legal research is one of the best tools for this purpose. Law is for the society and law is also the outcome of present reaction of the society. Society being a dynamic concept also influenced the law to become dynamic in character. For upgrading the influence of law in this dynamic state, empirical legal research is only the solution.

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Debashree Chakraborty. Empirical (non-Doctrinal) Research Method and It’s role in Legal Research. Int. J. Ad. Social Sciences 3(1): Jan. –Mar., 2015; Page 23-28.

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