A Study on Consumers in Special Reference to TV Advertisements


Rahul Patel1, Dr. Ashish Dubey2

1Assistant Professor, Commerce Dept., Christ College, Jagdalpur.

2Assistant Professor, Commerce Dept.,  Vivekanand Mahavidyalaya, Raipur.

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Consumer behavior is a most important factor for product establishment  in market. Advertisement is the most sensitive media which affects the consumer behavior. The present study shows that advertisement media, how it affect consumer behavior regarding normal usable products in market.


KEYWORDS: Consumer behavior, TV Advertisements, Marketing , Marketing activity, FMCG(Fast Moving Consumer Goods).



Consumer Behavior is a relevant field in present marketing activities. All the process of marketing is related to attract their present consumer and try to satisfy them maximum with their products, which determines their survival in the market. Too many activities of marketing are related with consumer behavior those functioning to attract consumer. TV marketing is playing major role on it, because in our country media has capture maximum area of Indian Civilization, also the Indian people use this media highly. Therefore this study try to find out how these media effect consumer behavior and how much successful the market is in their goal.



The objective of the study is to evaluate the impact of TV advertisements towards consumer behavior, also tried to find out that media is beneficial or harmful to normal consumers and how it is working for our civilization.



In present era TV is most important media to make direct relation with consumer and it highly affect their activities.


It increases the responsibility towards society and some where these media is successful in it. In Indian marketing TV media has a big opportunity is available and some where it play an important role to create skilled and cleaver consumers in the society. 




The present study is based on primary data, for which questionnaire is used as per the requirement of the study. Middle income group is used as respondents and their opinion regarding FMCG products and electronic product related media.



The study is totally based on personal opinion of the consumers not having any specific skill, 100 respondents were taken for the study, out of which 55-male and 45-femals were the respondents.



Using the collected data, out-come information is as follows.


For the present study the respondents were divided under following category.


Table 1: Sources used for study-











Source- Personal survey


The study gives preference to unskilled consumers highly for the fulfillment 66% respondents are students category our study is towards the new unskilled consumers who intensely towards buying. All respondents use TV regularly and they are take interest towards TV advertisement.


In the study it was found that 59% respondents are purchasing product through TV advertisement and 41% respondents think that advertisement are motivating them regarding purchasing of product normally and some time it is successful to their objectives.


These findings is based on our respondents-

Normally the TV advertisements help most consumers regarding available choice of product. 51% respondents agree on it and 33% think that sometime it is helpful. It shows that normally those TV advertisements. It shows that normally TV advertisements facilitate to the views regarding the choice of products.


In the present study it is found that the TV advertisements has influence the choice of consumer frequently and also confused them regarding the purchase of product 42% respondents agree on it while 37% respondents think  that some time it affect them, which shows that the TV advertisements confuse the consumer regarding the selection of commodity.

When asked which advertisement media do you mostly prefer 81% respondents said use TV advertisements for purchasing which shows that it is most popular media among the consumers and also the highly effective medium in the field of advertisements.


Analysis shows that when asked, do you think products advertised on television are genuine- 27% respondents agree on it and 52% respondents said sometimes genuine.


As the TV advertisements media is a strong and popular medium of marketing so it is also essential that before purchasing the commodity to verify/certify the quality of product.


Further data shows that when asked, do TV advertisements are more effective than other advertisement sources and what are the other factors effecting the purchasing- 87% respondents agreed on it, while 32% respondents said that the Brand Ambassador play a most important role to attract the consumers, 17% respondents fell that price of the products effect the purchasing, 37% respondents said presentation of the product, 14% respondents said demo of the product.


Analysis shows that when asked, do you feel good when you watch the ads of the product you are already using- 68% said Yes, while 27% respondents said sometimes, and 5% said No, means it shows that psychologically TV ads influence the consumers towards their satisfaction.


To find out the demand of the commodity when asked, do TV ads induce you to buy products which are not currently in your demand- 36% said Yes, 19% said No, 45% said sometimes.


Whom do you give more preference in TV advertisement, the responce-15% said Brand Ambassador,10% said Message, 45% said Quality of the Product, and 30% said All of above.


Further the study reveals when asked about which is the more effective category or segment of product advertisements- 40% said Technology, 22% said FMCG, which means that TV advertisement relate consumers activities and it is also affected by TV advertisement. The length of the advertisement is most important for the effectiveness if this medium, 62% think 15-30 seconds duration is effective to attract the consumer, less timing gives less effect towards consumer’s behavior.


Recommend others to purchase the product advertised through television in this relation 82% respondents said that TV advertisement has influence their purchasing. It shows that this media is highly effected medium of marketing, 40% respondents agreed regarding the recommendation of products through TV advertisement and 55% agreed that some time they go this job.



As per hypothesis the outcome prove that TV advertisement is a media which highly affect the consumer behavior regarding their purchasing activities. It is not perfect conclusions of our study. In present era the consumer is also classified in skilled and unskilled category due to which our media is successful to influence the unskilled consumer behavior and it is total failure to convince a consumer who give importance to their satisfaction and purchasing capacity apart of TV advertisement media is most important media for advertisement which broadly affect the market area and the consumer behavior and highly sensitive too. Therefore it required that a strong legal provision to control the misleading presentation and fraud by media.



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